No More Village to Help Raise the Children

Love Responds


The old saying, “It takes a village to raise a child.” May still be true, but it sure has changed in my own interpretation. As a society, we pay others to help raise our children. Many children are “raised” by systems not their parents. Families used to live close to each other, often in the same village, and children could experience the love and wisdom of multiple generations on a daily basis. Children had security, usually, within their village and could explore life and all its beauty knowing everyone would guide them as they bounced through the village.

What happened? We were manipulated and willingly accepted the changes that have taken place.

Villages became neighborhoods with perfect yards and houses all lined up with their car in the driveway, two and half kids, the dog, and the cat all helping keep the yard manicured. Keeping up with the Jacksons became…

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