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Graffiti: the first magical neighborhood

In the center of a small neighborhood located in the city of Pachuca, Hidalgo, the largest graffiti mural in all of Mexico.


The collective effort has created jobs, reduced youth violence and instilled a sense of community spirit, turning Las Palmitas into what the project leaders have dubbed the “first magical neighborhood”.

Leading the project was the independent Mexican collective the Germen Crew (Seed Crew), composed of urban artists specializing in graffiti art, mural painting and audiovisual documentary. A group which, through public and street art, aims to give new meaning to public spaces and restore social fabric for the benefit of communities.

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Mi primer eBook

TAMARINDO es un texto que une poesías únicas (no hay traducciones) en español, italiano e… itañol. Las ganancias se comparten con la asociación Survival International. Buena lectura ♡

TAMARINDO è un testo che affianca poesie uniche (non vi sono traduzioni) in spagnolo, italiano e… itañol. I guadagni si condividono con l’associazione

Survival International. Buona lettura ♡